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Our Safety Covers Provide the safety you want with the beauty you desire

CoverLogix® pool covers are an attractive and functional addition to your outdoor environment. Our covers create a protective barrier that will provide peace of mind throughout the months your pool is not being used, keeping everything out of the pool - including mother nature. And it's comforting to know when you open the pool that there will be inviting, clean water waiting for you with minimum maintenance to get your summer started. **

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*U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 / 99% Shade Material

** Properly winterizing your pool in conjunction with a CoverLogix® safety cover will provide maximum protection against algae growth. With 91% sunblock, the 5000MTM, may be less effective in minimizing algae growth in certain installations.

ASTM Safety Standards CoverLogix® materials and hardware locking systems are rigorously tested to meet or exceed ASTM safety

To comply with ASTM safety standards:
t. Solid vinyl covers must be equipped with an automatic pump or have built in mesh drainage panels to remove standing water.
tt. Your particular pool design may have special features that do not meet ASTM standards. Please consult your pool professional when purchasing a cover.
ASTM standard F.1346.91